Ecuadorian Entertainer Diego Spotorno

Most readily recognized for his role as Juan Carlos Martinez Cucalón in the Ecuadorian television series Solteros Sin Compromiso (Singles Without Compromise), Diego Spotorno has been carving a successful career as a TV host, actor and more recently, musician. His next project will reportedly see Spotorno taking to the stage with fellow Ecuadorian Efrain Ruales for some stand-up comedy as part of their new joint artistic venture, Raymi Enterprises, and with ‘raymi’ being Quichua for ‘party’, the name says it all.

Born in Guayaquil on 13 July 1975, Diego Spotorno made his television debut as the host of Iguana Legal for SiTV, following that with a role in Telesistema’s Alo que tal America before joining the team of Tour 97 for Teleamazonas – one of Ecuador’s major television networks. It was with his role in Solteros Sin Compromiso in 2001 that Spotorno’s career really took off, and he landed roles in the Peruvian and Argentinian television series, as well as being cast for TV Television’s Cosa seria. Upon the completion of the series Solteros Sin Compromiso Spotorno participated in Tour 2007 and Tour 2008 for Cabledeportes. His further achievements included the lead in TC Television’s Gente Cool and acting in the feature film Nada Personal.

Ecuavisa hired Spotorno in 2008 to appear on the soap opera El Secreto de Toño Palomino. He also hosted the show En Contacto for Ecuavisa, and in 2009 starred in El exitoso Lcdo. Cardoso. In 2012, Sportono was one of the three judges on the reality show Ecuador Tiene Talento, the Ecuadorian version of the British “Got Talent” franchise. Broadcast by Ecuavisa, 2012 was the first season of the show, with the winner being comedian Luis Castillo from Quito who was awarded the prize of $20,000.

Fans of Diego Spotorno can look forward to some stand-up comedy as he takes to the stage with Efrain Ruales where they will share their humorous tactics in the art of flirting and romantic conquest. Aptly named 2 solteros en gira (2 Bachelors On Tour), the show will no doubt be entertaining, as Diego Spotorno has shown he has perfected the art of entertainment.