Entertainment and Education at the House of Ecuadorian Culture

Situated in Quito, the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana (House of Ecuadorian Culture) was founded by Benjamin Carrion (1897-1979) primarily for the preservation and promotion of the many aspects of Ecuador’s vibrant culture, including music, dance, art, literature, theater and film. This goal continues today, with the center’s theaters and lecture rooms as venues for a wide variety of events, lectures and workshops. In addition to visiting artists and performers, the House of Ecuadorian Culture has a permanent choir, theatrical group and a chamber ensemble, all of whom are dedicated to promoting Ecuadorian and Latin American culture both at their home base in Quito and at other venues.

The Joint Chamber of the House of Ecuadorian Culture was formed fifteen years ago, with current members being Paul Alexander Romero Caraguay, Jorge Pauta, Cardenas Galo, Ricardo Sempértegui, Cepeda Gonzalo Tapia, Cecilia Tapia Samaniego and Marco Vinicio Villota. These talented musicians have a wealth of experience and education between them and are dedicated to using their talents to bring the musical aspect of Ecuadorian culture to as wide an audience as possible.

The theatrical group at the center has been active for 47 years, working to develop an appreciation among the general public for theater in Ecuador. Often used to address social and political issues of the day, theater as a form of entertainment has traveled a rocky road at times, but certainly is alive and well in Quito, with a dedicated team of actors, actresses and behind-the-scenes supporters presenting entertaining and educational performances. Among the 2013 cast of performers are Alejandra Tapia, Mariuxi Castillo, Silvia Chasi, Carlos Guaman, Hamilton Moreno, and Victor Gallegos, as well as actress and playwright Isabel Casanova. Supporting crew include Fernando Trujillo, Gualberto Quintana, Elvia Vinces and Augusto Ordonez.

The Choir of the House of Culture was formed by Oscar Romero Vargas in 1954 and continues to use the human voice to entertain and enthrall audiences. Featuring singers between the ages of 18 and 26 years, the choir encourages young people to audition if they have a love of music they want to share. As part of the choir, individual singers will receive training in vocal and choral techniques, attend workshops and participate in performances, all of which take great commitment – but is surely rewarding.

Whether you are a local citizen of Quito, or a visitor to this charming Ecuadorian city, you may want to consider checking the current schedule of events at the House of Ecuadorian Culture and enjoy gaining insight into the culture of Ecuador.