Escape to Peaceful Peguche

The peaceful village of Peguche is located just outside of Otavalo. There once was a time when the village was bustling with traffic and visitors, as a railway line used to run through the village; but now, as the lines have been unused since the 1980s, tranquillity has blanketed Peguche. Even though it is not as busy as it used to be, there is still more than enough reasons to visit this picturesque location and its friendly locals, who make a living out of agriculture, as well as weaving.

Over and above the residents of Peguche boasting great weaving and farming skills, they are also known to be talented musicians. While visiting the village a host of traditional and cultural features and rites can be experienced. The locals in Peguche are known for playing Andean music, which is accompanied by traditional dances, and if visitors are lucky, they will be able to see Centro Cultural Peguche and Nanda-Manachi in action. There are also a few local festivals in Peguche that visitors can attend, such as the June solstice, as well as dancing weekends and singing weekend festivals.

Bird watchers often flock to Peguche as it is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery and landscapes in Ecuador. The spectacular eucalyptus forest is home to numerous unique bird species. After looking at birds, visitors are recommended to find a quiet spot in town and watch as the daily lives of the locals unfold. It is much like a trip back in history, as nothing has changed in the city for centuries. For those visitors desiring to extend their stay, there are magnificent camping locations situated around one of the most popular and picturesque attractions in Ecuador, namely the Peguche Waterfall.

The Peguche Waterfall is surrounded by the eucalyptus forest and is not only a breathtaking sigh, but was a sacred location for the Inca, and is still a place of pilgrimage for some who come to bathe in the waterfall before religious ceremonies take place. The Inca used the waterfall before participating in the Inti Raymi Festival. On closer inspection, visitors to the waterfall will notice a tiny tunnel located behind the waterfall, and if brave enough, can climb through the tunnel to explore the higher regions of the waterfall. Peguche is a destination that is covered in beauty, natural wonder and cultural adventures.