Pyramids of Cochasqui

So many sites in Ecuador are vital to the preservation of Ecuador’s history, and one of the most vital pre-Hispanic sites is located approximately fifty kilometers outside of the city of Quito. Here, history and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes come together in perfect harmony, offering an adventure for all who visit, as ancient relics can still be found and seen at this scientific research archeological park. Visitors to Cochasqui will be in awe of the pyramids and the discoveries that await them. The Ecuador government has recognized the importance of the site, and it is under the care of the Pichincha Provincial Council.

This site of mystery and wonder was once ruled by Quilago. There are many artifacts left behind from her era, as well as those before and after her, all painting a picture of the heritage of Cochasqui. It has been estimated that the site is approximately 1 500 years old. The fifteen pyramids located here are breathtaking and of great value to the country. Funeral mounds are also present on the site, yet its exact reason for establishment has not been uncovered. What has been discovered about Cochasqui, are the various uses the site provided, such as a home compound, astronomical center and a ceremonial center. Over and above the pyramids, which are a mystical sight to behold, there is also an open air ethnographic museum at the Cochasqui Complex for visitors to explore. Here visitors will uncover how the Cochasquies lived, by means of the excavated pottery items and utensils used during their time. Another museum, an archeological museum, is located within the botanical garden and there is a llama reserve situated at the site as well.

Many locals visit the site for religious and traditional purposes, such as the passage of the sun celebration, which is a part of a harvest ritual. Shamans come together in their colorful garments to bless the harvest of those who come to Cochasqui for blessing and to pay tribute to the sun. Many celebrations in regard to the sun are hosted at the pyramids. Visitors are also invited to camp out underneath the stars at a nearby site, so as to fully experience the magnificence of Cochasqui and walk in the footsteps of Ecuador’s ancestors.