Selva Life Without Frontiers Foundation

The Selva Life Without Frontiers Foundation came together under the principles of conservation and maintaining a healthy balance between nature and humans. Even though their main goal is to continue conducting their research projects and fight for conservation rights of the rain forests, it is a non-profit organization that looks towards other initiatives to raise the funds to continue the vital work they do across Ecuador. In order to bring an income into the foundation, the Selva Life Without Frontiers Foundation offers visitors to Ecuador a variety of unique and unforgettable adventures, together with magical accommodation.

The Amazon Jungle Resort Village is located on a rain forest ecological reserve, on the breathtaking banks of the Aguarico River. Not only do visitors enjoy luxury accommodation, exquisite meals, spectacular views and excellent service, but they have the privilege of being surrounded by magnificent wildlife and vegetation. The staff at the resort are professional and avid conservationists, and are happy to take guests of the resort and visitors to Ecuador on wonderful tours and excursions into the forest and through the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

The tours, such as the White Eagle Tour and the Pink Dolphin Expedition, will take guests through wonderful paths on which they will be able to view different species of birds, vegetation and insects. Night expeditions and canoe rides will allow visitors to see the forests from a new perspective, while finding alligators, dolphins, manatees and other creatures. Visitors who are not eager to venture away from the resort will still be able to experience the magic of the rainforest while swimming, hiking, fishing and canoeing in the waters by the resort.

By merely relaxing at the resort, visitors will be assisting the Selva Life Without Frontiers Foundation to ensure that all the beauty they experience on their vacation remains there for generations to come. The foundation works on various educational and forest protection projects in different locations in Ecuador. Their tireless efforts to develop awareness and conserve important ecosystems will ensure the survival of breathtaking locations such as the rainforests, and preserve the heritage and culture of the tribes that still live in the forests of Ecuador. By giving endangered species the chance at continued existence and helping in the fight against deforestation, the work of the foundation invaluable to nature and to the people of Ecuador.