Talented Ecuadorian Artist Enrique Tábara

There are numerous famous Ecuadorian artists, and one of them is Enrique Tábara. He was born in Guayaquil in the year 1930 and has become known not only as a talented and legendary painter but is also a teacher that focused on artistic and Hispanic pictorial culture. His dedication to the development of Ecuadorian art and the impact his work has made on an international level has led to him becoming an iconic figure in the cultural world of Ecuador, and he continues to make great contributions today.

At the tender age of three, Enrique Tábara’s passion for painting began to shine through and he could be found drawing regularly by the age of six. He was given great encouragement and support by his mother and sister to develop and explore his talent. When looking at his artworks, of which he has amassed a great number, it is evident that Tábara is creative and not scared to experiment, even though he still takes note of his artistic roots and the process he has followed over the years. His work displays his versatility and as a teacher, he instills the same energy and passion he has for art in his students.

Vladimir Tatlin established the Constructive Movement in the year 1913, and was a Russian artist who greatly influenced Tábara as the movement spread across Latin America and Europe through Manuel Rendon (an Ecuadorian painter) and Joaquin Torres Garcia (a Uruguayan painter). Tábara embarked on his career at the School of Fine Arts in 1946, and was overseen by Hans Michaelson (a German artist) and Luis Martinez Serrano from Guayaquil. After mastering the fundamentals of art, Tábara left the school in 1951. His early works featured distorted figures and eventually migrated to abstract portraits.

In 1954 the Organization of American States hosted Tábara’s first exhibition in the United States, and it led to him being offered a scholarship at the Escuela Official de Bellas Artes de Barcelona by the government of Ecuador in 1955. During his career, he collaborated with numerous famous artists, lived abroad in various cities and eventually returned to Ecuador. He also began deriving inspiration from nature, and is often referred to as an artist who continues to search for improvement and challenges.

Some of his work is displayed in museums all over the world, such as in Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, the United States and Germany, to name a few. He has hosted exhibitions across the globe, with his most recent being in 2010 in his town of birth. Tábara has also received numerous awards, recognizing his talent and skill as an artist, and remains one of the most prolific Ecuadorian artists who will leave behind a legacy of achievement, inspiration and success.