The Quito Revolution Exhibition

The year was 1809, and a group of local citizens of Quito began an uprising that vocalized their disapproval of French rule and their desire for independence. Although the final battle for independence took place years later in 1822, it was this uprising by those in Quito that symbolized a true change in Ecuador. Now, almost two hundred years later, this period in the history of Ecuador is brought back to life through The Quito Revolution exhibition.

The Quito Revolution exhibition started on the 9th of August 2008 and will remain open for public viewing until September 2009. It is a fascinating exhibition that highlights this era in Ecuador and Quito through various historical shows, video presentations, documents, images, books and interesting interactive displays. The exhibition allows locals and international visitors to journey back to the turbulent times in Ecuador, its fight for independence and the public’s loyalty to their dreams and beliefs. During the exhibition the public is also invited to join book launches, talks and presentations in regard to the revolution in Quito, giving those in attendance a fresh look at this period and the opportunity to learn more about history through entertaining and intriguing learning tools.

The exhibition will not only be breathing new life into the revolution, but also into the building that is its venue. The San Juan Military Hospital is one of many historical buildings that have been deserted. With its spectacular location on a massive plot overlooking the city, this twentieth century building has been waiting for a new purpose. The Quito Revolution exhibition is bringing renewed attention to the San Juan Military Hospital, which is set to become the Museum of Contemporary Art once the exhibition closes.

Highlighting the history of Ecuador and educating the public has been the mission of the Quito Revolution. Being able to bring attention to a historical building that will pave the way for art of the future is an added good cause. The restored building stands almost as proud as every Ecuadorian is of their heritage. For anyone curious or interested in Ecuador and its road to independence, The Quito Revolution pays gracious tribute to all those involved in shaping the Ecuador that is seen today.