Tiputini Biodiversity Station

The Tiputini Biodiversity Station is located near the city of Quito and is an attraction that the entire family can enjoy. Due to its close proximity to the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, the Tiputini Biodiversity Station offers visitors picturesque landscapes and breathtaking natural wonders to enjoy. Boston University and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito combined their efforts to establish the station for educational, conservation and research purposes. Covering an area of approximately 650 hectares, the station borders on the tranquil Tiputini River and is relatively untouched as the area has enjoyed a reasonable degree of protection due to its location.

Considered as one of the most extraordinary places in Ecuador to view wildlife and birds, the Tiputini Biodiversity Station has two 120 foot towers located in the park from where visitors are able to enjoy magnificent bird watching, and quietly observe the wildlife go about their daily routines. The towers also offer spectacular views of the forests, and visitors are able to grasp the enormity and beauty of the area from these lookout towers. Each tower is able to accommodate ten visitors at a time, so groups are able to enjoy these views together. Bird watching enthusiasts will be able to look forward to seeing some of the over 520 bird species that inhabit the trees of the Tiputini Biodiversity Station. The various tree species, of which there are approximately 1500, provide nesting and foraging opportunities for the various birds. Other animals to be seen at the station include otters, capybaras, caimans, tapirs and jaguars. Scientists hope that through their research and studies at the station, they will be able to increase the richness of the various species and become a facility that has one of the greatest alpha diversity.

The station also houses university students in comfortable accommodation located on site and researchers also reside at the station. Clean bathrooms, showers and a dining hall are also included in the facilities. Electricity to the station is provided through generators. Visiting the Tiputini Biodiversity Station is not only an unforgettable experience, but assists in the conservation of the wildlife of Ecuador.