Vibrant Atmosphere and Striking Surroundings of Puerto Lopez

When looking for a destination in Ecuador that boasts vibrant festivals, great accommodation and natural attractions, there is no better destination to explore than Puerto Lopez. Located on the coast of Ecuador, with a local population of no greater than ten thousand, the town and its people are dedicated to creating awareness of wildlife and nature and to focus on the tourism industry. Many locals will say that one should not read about Puerto Lopez but experience Puerto Lopez. But for the curious, here are a few activities and attractions to look forward to.

Firstly, the landscape and dense forests surrounding Puerto Lopez are breathtaking. And when it comes to wildlife, this destination has it in abundance. Thousands of visitors flock to this coastal town each year to witness the beauty of nature that takes place before their eyes in the waters of Puerto Lopez, along the shores of the Machalilla National Park. Humpback Whales migrate to this coastline in Ecuador to mate and give birth to their young. The magnificent displays that are done by the adults during the courting period are spellbinding and wonderful.

Isla de la Plata is not only an uninhabited island that is home to a vast variety of bird species (often referred to as the mini-Galapagos), but it is also an island that is believed to have a treasure buried amongst its tropical vegetation. Legend states that Sir Francis Drake buried silver that was pirated from Spanish vessels here. The island also has a few beautiful areas to snorkel, as colorful reefs and tropical fish wait just beneath the water’s surface. The Los Frailes beach, in the Machililla National Park, is a sweeping sandy beach, decorated in extraordinary rock formations, seascapes and forests. The walk to this picturesque beach is an adventure on its own, with marked endangered plants and birds and fascinating coves to investigate.

Visitors are also recommended to join in on a few of the hiking and horse riding activities that Puerto Lopez offers. A two day trip through the San Sebastian Forest is a rare and fabulous opportunity to see monkeys, over a hundred bird species, deer, anteaters and a variety of Ecuadorian cat species in their natural environment. Agua Blanca is an archeological site that dates back from 3500BC to approximately 1500AD. The museum on site has a wonderful collection of artifacts such as ceramics, urns and stones that reflect back on the various cultures that once occupied this area. The stone structures stand as monuments to the past and after a day of exploration, visitors will be given the opportunity to soak in the sulphur pool to sooth aching muscles and try some of the mud, which is said to be good for skin.

And there are many more attractions and activities to be found in this coastal town. Then there are of course many festivals that take place in Puerto Lopez and the surrounding areas throughout the year. The festivals are filled with lively music, dancing, parades and excitement. Puerto Lopez gives visitors the chance to experience the life and energy of Ecuador, as well as its beauty and fragile wildlife.