Adventure Galore at Misahualli Jungle Lodge

Situated on a 145-hectare plot of lush primary rainforest, wedged like an island between the Napo River and Misahualli River at the point where the two rivers converge, the Misahualli Jungle Lodge offers tourists the opportunity to experience the wonders of Ecuador’s natural treasures at their very best. The lodge is constructed to blend in with the beautiful surroundings and adheres to sound eco-tourism practices.

The Misahualli Jungle Lodge has a number of packages to offer visitors, depending on what they want to see and on how adventurous they are. The “Getting to Know the Jungle” three day/two night packages start off with a visit to the local indigenous Muyuna community on the banks of the Napo River. This community at one time adhered strictly to their traditional lifestyle as it has been handed down from generation to generation. These days, although still maintaining many traditional customs, small aspects of modern living have started to become evident. For example, some of their straw houses now have zinc roofs and many of the villagers are wearing modern clothing. The small art and craft store in the village sells authentic hand-made traditional items.

The following day features a guided two-hour walk along the Rumihurco trail, during which a local guide shares his knowledge on the diverse flora found in the rainforest, pointing out plants with medicinal properties and those that are used for food. Hikers can expect to see exquisite orchids, bromeliads, heliconias and more. Many of the trees in the region are more than 600 years old. Visitors will also see a variety of colorful butterflies and birds, as well as a number of monkey species. The trail takes visitors to the settlement of Pununo and across a 200-meter drawbridge before stopping at an ancient tree with a trunk so large that it takes up to twenty people to encircle it. The night’s activities include a torch-lit walk and observing a Shamanistic cleansing ritual.

Other activities offered by Misahualli Jungle Lodge include adrenaline-pumping white-water river rafting, guided hikes, visiting the research center at Jatunsacha, swimming and tubing. The diversity of animal, plant, bird and insect-life that thrive in the tropical climate of the rainforest is awe-inspiring and each walk through the jungle reveals something new. There’s no doubt that a visit to Misahualli Jungle Lodge in Ecuador will be an adventure to remember.