Adventure in the Amazon at Sacha Lodge

Looking for a unique and enjoyable place to spend some time in nature? Then try Sacha Lodge in Ecuador. The lodge is located in a 5000-acre private ecological reserve that makes full use of their delightful natural surroundings. Visitors will have access to a pristine rainforest sanctuary in Ecuador’s Amazon region where they can enjoy a lovely jungle adventure.

The lodge itself is really attractive. Sacha Lodge is neat and tidy and fully-functional with all the amenities a person needs to enjoy a comfortable holiday. Friendly and helpful staff assist you to make your holiday memorable, while electricity, drinking water, showers, laundry facilities, communications services, first aid, security and a cash bar are all provided to make your stay a pleasurable one. Boots and ponchos are also provided for guests free of charge for those moist days spent in the rainforest around Sacha Lodge in Ecuador.

However, the real appeal of Sacha Lodge is the many stunning eco-activities that visitors can enjoy in its immediate surroundings. For starters the new canopy walkway will making traveling at a height of 94 feet (30 m) above the ground easy and enjoyable. The walkway is 940 feet (275 m) long and is held up by sturdy metal support towers. At that height you can easily explore the treetops as well as spotting the dozens of animals living on the ground far below. This is an unbeatable and breathtaking experience that visitors should not miss out on!

Another great attraction is the 135-foot (43 m) kapok observation tower, which is built around a giant kapok tree and situated on a hill. There is certainly no better vantage point in the area and those who climb to the top of the tower will be rewarded with amazing views and great bird watching. The butterfly house breeding facility will give you the chance to get up close and personal with these beautiful little creatures as you learn more about their various colors and shapes. Not far from the lodge, visitors can also visit the parrot lick where they will be privy to a parrot feeding frenzy while there are myriads of birds and animals to keep nature lovers perfectly content. So make the most of this great eco-lodge and visit Ecuador today!