Chiva Express

Thousands of visitors flock to Ecuador each year to explore its breathtaking mountains, discover the unmatched beauty of the dense forests, and catch a glimpse of its unique wildlife or to just appreciate the panoramic views which can be enjoyed from its many hill tops. Each visitor has a range of transportation options to choose from to enjoy these wonders of Ecuador, but one of the most popular forms of travel and touring is the Chiva Express. It is guaranteed to be an exclusive experience that incorporates travel and fun into one trip.

What makes the Chiva Express such a wonderful way to travel through Ecuador is the fact that it is basically a single coach train, or more precisely, a bus that runs on railway lines. It has all the features that would be expected from a coach service, complete with comfortable seating, clean toilet and bar services, but with one unique quality – travelers are invited to climb onto the roof of the coach and enjoy the fresh air and unrestricted views from the top of the coach, which has railings for safety.

The Chiva Express offers travelers the rare opportunity to travel through magnificent vegetation that is rarely seen on other tours and be able to view the beauty of the country that includes the Avenue of the Volcanoes, green valleys, forgotten villages, experience the thrill of the Devil’s Nose cliffs and take advantage of the photographic opportunities that await around every corner. Many tour operators offer Chiva Express excursions, or include it in part of their packages. There are one day outings available as well as three to four day tours. Some of the destinations on the Chiva Express tour include Cotopaxi National Park, Riobamba, Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and many other stops along the way. Staying over in different cities and towns also allows travelers to meet locals and experience traditions along the way. The Chiva Express is not only a method of transportation, but an adventure. As it snakes its way along the railway past fields, plains and forests, the Chiva Express opens up a whole new world to passengers and showcases Ecuador in a way few other tours can.