Energy canal in Quito

Marko Pogacnik has been immersing himself in Earth healing and geomantic projects since the year 1979 and his methods in healing the earth, by performing lithopuncture (strategically placing stone pillars), has become popular in various destinations. While walking through the bustling city of Quito, in Ecuador, visitors will come across beautifully carved pillars in different locations, which form part of the ‘energy canal’ in Quito. The energy canal has now become a part of the attractions in the city and aroused interest in the concept of Earth healing.

Earth healing, with the lithopuncture method, is basically a form of acupuncture, which restores the energy levels of life and protecting energy levels. When looking at a landscape and city Marko Pogacnik searches for four dimensions, namely: Vital Energy Network (energy channels or acupuncture meridians, energy centers and auras which are called energy fields), Consciousness (elemental beings and nature spirits), Material Body (the landscape in terms of mountains, rivers, humans, animals, etc.) and Landscape Temples. To create an energy canal for Quito, Pogacnik and his wife spent months looking for the correct locations for the menhirs.

Now, with all the menhirs in place the energy of the city can be stimulated and visitors often visit all the menhirs, while exploring the city on their travels. The mehirs can be found at Santa Anita 2, Parque de Chillogallo, Parque La Carolina, Parque Matovelle, Parque Lineal El Sena, Parque en el Batan Bajo, Plaze Grande, Parque Circasiana, Parque Itchimbia, Parque de la Magdalena and El Panecillo. Each column is engraved with symbolic swirling designs and each one of these, is vital in the working of the energy canal.

When in Quito, try and locate the various menhirs and explore a world filled with energy and preservation; as each pillar assists the city and landscape to create a balance. It also aids in restoring the energy levels has been deprived of the city through its development and in turn which has affected nature. Pogacnik is a crusader and advocate for Earth healing, assisting the earth to heal itself, one landscape and one city at a time.