Explore the Richness of La Circaciana

There is nothing more romantic than a sprawling mansion set amongst breathtaking landscaped gardens and the splendor of neoclassical design. La Circaciana, or La Circaciana Park, is located in the heart of Quito, Ecuador. It is a significant part of Ecuadorian history and was kindly donated to the city by Count Jijòn y Caamano, who is one of the living relatives of the well-known Jijòn family.

The Jijòn y Caamano family had the magnificent mansion at La Circaciana constructed during the eighteenth century. Taking up an entire city block at the corner of 10 Agosto Avenue and Colon Avenue, the whole La Circaciana Park oozes luxury, splendor and riches. The Arc de Triomphe, now a popular tourist attraction in El Eljido Park, was the gate of this magical architectural masterpiece and the entrance to the Jijòn family home.

The fact that La Circaciana is a well-preserved example of the architectural styles of the eighteenth century is a great lure to visitors who are interested in the history of Ecuador. The buildings have been maintained and are in immaculate condition, as are the large exterior walls that once protected this family home against unwanted visitors and strangers. The interior of the mansion still has many pieces of its original furniture and décor, which adds to the nostalgic atmosphere of the building. Over and above the glamorous mansion, visitors will find a museum building and the family library that once had the Jijòn family’s collection inside its walls, a staggering amount of approximately forty thousand books. There are also a few pleasant surprises throughout the gardens. Visitors will discover the magnificent statues of horses and unicorns, set between the endless landscape of a designer garden and beautifully manicured grounds.

FONSAL, a Rescue Fund organization, have been charged with preserving and taking care of this breathtaking monument to the heritage of Ecuador and of Quito. As a tourist attraction, the park offers visitors the opportunity to walk through a family home that most can only dream of owning. A mansion that was constructed to bring safety and joy to one family, but now shares its extraordinary story of wealth and beauty with many. Today, the La Circaciana welcomes strangers and locals alike to experience the magnificence of a building that brings the eighteenth century back to life.