Ecuador’s Finca Colibri Vacation Farm

Ever look out of your office window, stare at the thousands of cars and people that are rushing around like a colony of ants, and wonder what it would be like to own your own land, and live in tranquil and peaceful surroundings? Well, it is now possible to experience just that, through the initiative of the Finca Colibri Vacation Farm that is located near Quito, in Ecuador. This unique vacation experience allows you to either rent the entire farm and try your hand at the agricultural aspects such as working the farm land with oxen and finding out just how green your fingers are, amongst the vegetable patches and fruit trees, or staying at the farm on a working vacation

The farm is situated in a volcanic crater, named the Pululahua Crater, which according to the scientific world, is still active. The scenery that surrounds the Finca Colibri Vacation Farm is made up of a beautiful river gorge, dense green forest and breathtaking hills. The farm, as with the smaller farms in the area, is worked by hand and with the help of oxen. There is no intrusion on the serenity of the region. The farm is not just about work, and has guided tours and tour programs available to visitors, which includes a great variety of activities.

Hiking trails and walks can by enjoyed by the more active visitors, while visitors that want to explore the country side without exhausting themselves, can choose any of the six farm horses for a leisurely ride or enjoy the panoramic view by mountain bike. Visitors do not have to fear for their safety, as there are not many vehicles or machinery to be wary of. The more adventurous can enjoy river rafting and some of the other adventure programs that are available, that can be discussed with the tour guides. For the avid bird watchers, there is a diverse variety of birds to be seen, in the quiet and beautiful areas around the farm.

A vacation at the Finca Colibri Vacation Farm is guaranteed to be peaceful, relaxing, exhilarating, adventurous and educational holiday. It is a unique experience that should not be missed. For those who are interested in a working vacation on the farm, will be required to attend to duties in the mornings, but have the freedom of the afternoons to explore the land on their own time, and discovery their own little piece of heaven.