Quito is the Orchid Capital of the World

The Orchid is a flower so beautiful and varied that it is renowned and treasured across the globe. People will primp and preen, spray and whisper to their beloved orchids in an effort to keep them alive. While there is nothing wrong with keeping a lovely orchid at home, there is nothing that quite compares to seeing them in their natural, vegetative state.

One of the best places to go look at Orchids is Quito in Ecuador. This stunning city is not only the country’s capital, but it could also be called the ‘Capital of Orchids’ since it is home to more than 450 species of orchids. You’ll find these delightful flowers all through the metropolitan area in Quito as well as all around the city boundaries. Ecuador is generally considered to have the highest biodiversity of plant and animal species in the world and about 4 300 species of orchid have been found here. However, unlike other parts of the country where you may have to do quite a bit of traveling to see a few hundred varieties, Quito allows you to examine these delicate plants with relative ease. That is why any Orchid adventure planned for Ecuador should start at the ‘Capital of Orchids’.

Most flower lovers visiting Quito start their trip at the Botanic Garden of Quito where there is a wonderful orchid conservatory. Situated in the heart of the city’s commercial district in Parque La Carolina, this stunning attraction is only a short distance from most major hotels. The orchid conservatory is the main feature of the Botanic Garden of Quito, and it covers about 800 square meters. It is a green house that is dedicated entirely to the growth of orchids, complete with a warm and moist mini cloud forest environment. Windings paths take you past the many different orchid species grown here. Some of them are native, some are foreign and some are hybrid species. It is an orchid lover’s dream. The only thing that will top your visit to the botanical gardens is a hiking in one of the surrounding forests which will let you see these delightful flowers in their natural habitat. The colors, varieties and immense sizes are dumbfounding and a delight to behold. So visit Quito for some of the best Orchids in the world.