Recharge in Beautiful Muisne

Separated from the mainland of north-western Ecuador by a narrow channel, the small island known as Isla de Muisne (also referred to as the enchanted island) is the perfect destination for travelers who want a complete break from the hustle and bustle of modern living. Barefooted locals with bicycle taxis will cheerfully pedal tourists from the small town of Muisne, where the ferries and water taxis from the mainland offload their passengers, to any of the ocean-front hotels on the island, where they are guaranteed to receive a warm welcome and typical island hospitality.

Muisne is renowned for its delicious specialty of encocados – seafood dishes simmered in tasty coconut-based sauce. Visitors will find that relaxing in a hammock while enjoying the view of the ocean is the main occupation of holiday-makers in Muisne. In between meals and relaxing in a hammock, walking on the beautiful beach on the western side of the island and swimming in the ocean are enjoyable ways to pass the time. Motorboat excursions to neighboring beaches on the mainland are also an option.

Quite a number of the locals on Isla de Muisne make a living from shrimp fishing and banana farming. Their lifestyle is simple and they are friendly, hard-working people who welcome visitors to their island. Many of the local wooden houses are built on stilts to keep them above water which fills the canals running through the islands at high tide.

The town of Muisne is referred to by locals as “muy tranquilo” because of the laid-back atmosphere. There are a number of restaurants and bars that offer a bit of night-life. One of the favorite gathering places on the island is the Cuzumbo Bar which offers live music, dancing and exotic cocktails. The Hostal Playa Paraiso offers fully serviced cabanas to rent and has a bar with a billiards table that is enjoyed by their guests. The view of the ocean is unsurpassed and a sunset over the ocean is an unforgettable sight.

Ecuador is a fascinating country with plenty to see and do. If you are traveling through Ecuador and you need to take some time out to recharge your batteries, there is no better place to do it than Isla de Muisne.