Discover the Beautiful Craftworks of Mindalae Museum

If you love arts and crafts you simply cannot miss out on the chance to visit the Mindalae Museum. This great attraction will keep you entertained for hours as you learn more about the art, history and culture of the people of Ecuador.

The Mindalae Museum is located in Quito in Ecuador, at Reina Victoria N26-166 y la Nina. It is open from 09:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Saturday and from 10:00 to 17:00 on Sundays, so you will find it quite easy to make arrangements to visit this great museum. But what exactly can you expect to see and do here? Well, the Mindalae Museum is primarily a craft museum. So not only will you see a fantastic variety of hand-crafted items, but you’ll learn more about them. One of the museum’s main goals is to educate visitors about the historic, cultural and artistic heritage of the various types of hand-crafts that are found so abundantly around Quito and in other parts of Ecuador. The museum is also trying to bring value back to these many different goods, and so there are a number of great hand-crafted items available for sale. This makes the Mindalae Museum a great place to pick up some cost-effective, personalized traditional souvenirs for friends back home.

Another aspect of the museum which makes it so great is that it is not just a tiny little museum located in some obscure little backstreet. The museum is housed in a massive five-story building which was built especially for the purpose. The building’s strong clean lines and contemporary feel make it an enjoyable place to visit, while the cultural journey experienced inside its walls is unlike any other. You will see textiles, ceramics, silverware, gold, ivory, wood and weavings made into the most expressive, useful items you can possibly imagine. And the full cultural history of the various pieces is all well-documented. What better way to explore the cultures of the indigenous highland Indians, the Afro-Ecuadorians, the Amazonian Indians and the ‘Montubian’ coastal people? Certainly the Mindalae Museum will make a great addition to any tour of the country. The admission prices are US$3 for adults and US$1.50 for children (subject to change). The building facilitates handicapped access and bilingual guides make your visit more enjoyable. So don’t miss this great attraction!